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The hot selling popular pod vape system which offers a fantastically versatile vaping experience combined with unbeatable portability, it’s very hot selling on market. and preminum in battery.

This prefilled vape device, it’s very convenient to use. this starter kit is powered by a 400mAh internal battery, providing longer vape time, which is to disposed of pod once the pod life cycle is complete. the vape device system comes pre-filled with 2ml of salt nico eliquid and comes packaged as a disposable pod . the battery kit is rechargeable , can be re-charged all time, allowing the user to enjoy various flavours vape with zero upkeep. each pod can last about 600 puffs suits your longer vaping time and shows its stability. each replacement pod is equivalent to approximately 1.5 packs of cigarettes. with this cool & fashion design, you will have a unique vaping experience.

No switching on or off on vape pod kit, simply draw on it and you will activate this vape pod kit. there’s no maintenance required, it can be used directly out of the packing and when pod empty can replace new one to continue.

This pod vape is sure to satisfy both beginers and experenced vapors alike, this vape pen with lighting us available in kinds of flavors.

This nicotine vape pen is popular to vape in bar, club , party or any place in life you like, welcome wholesale, distributor to contact for further informations.