Vape My Watch? Uwell Amulet Pod Watch Vape Review

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  1. see i love watches too but i never buy/wear one since i always end up losing them. this idea is great but could of been designed better. if that vape watch not water resistant well you can not take it out in the rain/snow. nothing is truly waterproof just water resistant. i noticed a lot of people are head over heels on military time. i was never taught it but i friend try teaching me it for a week… i ended up quitting that lesson.

  2. I can see how useful this would have been back when I was working and needed to sneak a vape. As a nurse it wasn't easy to get breaks to go outside. Vaping was a lifesaver to me back in the days of the vape pens. lol

  3. How are people not educated enough to use military time… if it's before 1pm it's the correct time if its after 1pm you just subtract 12 hours and if you can't do simple math up to subtracting 12 from 23 idk how you function daily.

  4. Nk beli online dekat mane ni ye? Aku try order shopee tp xdpt nk place order lah. No available shipping options katanya. Da contact seller, kata smua mereka dah on tp kekal xdpt place order juga..

  5. That's so crazy, i just bought one for my husband and it's a year from when you put this video out.. The price difference is astonishing , I got it on sale for $17

  6. 1 downfall i see is you cant puff it from your wrist as a watch you have to remove the pod to puff it doesnt make much since would be way more stealthy and convenient if you hadnt had to go through all that just for a couple of puffs not so discreet in that aspect in my opinion

  7. i would buy this for emergencies like if my main pod system is out of battery, empty or if i forgot it id have this thing on my wrist but ngl it looks kinda shoddy in terms of quality and i dont expect it or its pods to stay on the market for too long

  8. im in the military and the 24 hr format really isnt's how i taught myself. take 1400 ( 2 pm ) subtract 2 from 14 and take the 1 away and you get 2. idk its weird. now lets do 2000 ( 8 pm ) think of 2000, 2100, 2200 and 2300 as 8pm, 9 pm, 10 pm and 11 pm. and just use the same method. and then 0000 is 12am. we call that balls cuz it looks like balls lol

  9. Agree with the fact they could have made it smarter. But I think they can't, cause you will have like fitting problems, it already looks big, so imagine they put extra sensors or even blue tooth in that thing for connecting with your phone and read your mails for example. The size will be way too big. But it is nice concept, and technology doesn't stand still, I can imagine in couple of years this thing will be smarter than us and try taking over the world 🤣

  10. Yeah I loved your video for like a minute and a half till I’m trying to figure out how to set the homes in then you just didn’t continue to tell us how to save the new time when we update it could you send me a personal message maybe help me out if I put the thing out the window I love it bro I know you got a good voice and shit like that man I’m looking at it I just I don’t know if I should I just couldn’t finish the video I

  11. Your review droned on and on about how you can't tell time that a child can do but said absolutely nothing about how long the actual battery will last… Meaningless review

  12. Looks nice but shame once the coils burnout you need to buy a whole new tank .and would they hold up if you change alternative flavours

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