Twist E-Liquid Salt Nic Review And Giveaway

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▶ Twist E-Liquid Salt Nic Review And Giveaway (Cough Warning) is a video I have wanted to do for awhile. Since vaping is so popular nowadays I would say it is appropriate to talk about them. Twist E-Liquid Salt Nic are certainly excellent juices . The JUUL is an okay product and certainly does the job but in this video I will explain why Twist E-Liquid Salt Nic are actually so much better and blows great clouds.

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▶ WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. DO NOT VAPE if you are not the legal age in your respective country!

▶ I can’t believe how many options there are out there for Vapes. I decided to purchase Twist E-Liquid Salt Nic Juices to try it and compare it too other disposables like the stig. The Twist E-Liquid Salt Nic are excellent devices and actually are extremely affordable!

▶ The vape/ e-cigarette world has revolutionized the way we intake nicotine. With this vape review I am trying to help people save money on vapes especially JUUL’s which I find overpriced. Twist E-Liquid Salt Nic does the same job and is almost a quarter of the price. Vaping is continuing to grow and soon the JUUL will be obsolete. Lets help people quit smoking!

▶The Camera I used is a “Canon M50” and used a basic “amazon tripod”. For audio, I also used a “Rode Video Micro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount” for my audio. I also used a “Zoom H1n recorder” with a “lavalier microphone” .I highly recommend all these for starting simple videos. For editing the video, I used a program called “TMPGEnc Mastering Works 6” and “Adobe Premiere Pro”.

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