Top 5 Vaping Pod Systems 2018 | The Best AIO Pod Vapes

The best pod vape systems of 2018. This is my top 5 of the pod vapes I’ve had the chance to review so far. A video that combines, great vapes, nic salts & pod systems, what isn’t there to like!!

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  1. I personally cant stand aspire anymore. Their devices are good for a limited time. My brother has gone through several aspires, as they seem to work for a few months and then stop performing well. I've had my aspire spryte for about 2 months and it recently stopped working like it used to. Not worth it to me

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! My friend used FEELM pod system, they said it's great, but this one is not on your list, maybe someday you can lunch another review for more pod systems!!!

  3. You really need to review trheAspire Nautalis AIO, a new design on an old reliable coil. Think it as an upgrade to the Breeze 2. The Orion DNA, easily the best but it's price is more. Despite being Smok the Novo is a nice system more reliable than standard Smok devices. The Sourin Air is still the cheapest and easiest to get ahold of. The Suorin Drop suffers from dry hits due to it's divided chamber pod.

  4. Thanks for the videos. As a new vaper recently off cigarettes I’ve found myself using the hack to refill MyBlu pods. I really like the size, shape and auto draw of of the MyBlu but flavor from my own liquids are practically non existent. Can you recommend any liquids or types of liquids that may have good flavor from something like this? Do I need a better device? I REALLY like the form factor but wouldn’t mind switching to something similar if it has good flavor.
    Thanks again. ✌🏼

  5. What about Nautilus AIO? As for battery life, charging time and constant voltage (same performance delivery from start till the end of the battery). Thanks for your video and replay, when you've got time! =)

  6. what's the most cost-efficient vaping option as I'm new to this. Can you change the coils on the refillable pod system vapes… I'm just confused with the hole coil thing because no one really talks about

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