Top 5 Vaper Mistakes – DON'T do these | New for 2020 | Beginner Vaping Guide

Top 5 Vaping Mistakes – things NOT to do. This is our new for 2020 beginner vaping guide. We want to make that journey away from cigarettes that much easier.

0:24 : First Time Vaping Side Effects
0:49 : Is Vaping safer than smoking?
1:32 : What types of vape kits are there?
3:30 : What is the right nicotine strength vape to use?
3:59 : Can you mix vape juice
4:44 : How do vape coils work?

For all those who are finding that they can’t get their menthol cigarettes anymore from the gas or petrol station – you may be drawn to giving vaping a go. Well here’s the questions you may have answered for you.

Don’t make these mistakes!

I wish I had known these tips when I started out on my journey, and I know there is a lot to take on board when you are a beginner vaping. Guiding you on this journey is me, David at Vape and Juice TV to help you out.

We have included 5 of THE questions and mistakes most make. Watching this short video will not only make things easier, it will save you money too. No bad thing. So if you are new to vapes and want the latest and in our opinion BEST beginner vaping guide, then this is just for you.

Enjoy, our Top 5 mistakes video. If after watching you want to check out a range of starter vape kits, then head over to the link below:

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  1. hi ah, i'm a beginner on vaping, so can i ask a question? does all vapes has a coil or cotton? cause don't see any coil or cotton on my vape. sorry i'm just a beginner that's why i'm asking this question

  2. Need a fresh shave on that dome brotha!
    Shouldn’t smoke or vape but if you must do one… vape! No one likes the smell of cancer coming off your breath, clothes, skin, so cigarettes are evil and vaping smells a lot better and is healthier for you even though it’s still not healthy for you at all! The only thing going in your lungs should be AIR.

  3. i have a question, i just got a new vape. never smoked or never vapes before, i started at 6ml nic and everytime i vape it burns my throat really bad and i start coughing do i needa go down to 0ml

  4. Great video and to the point,but can I ask for some advice. I am a 46 year old and have been smoking since the age of 14 so I’m well and truly hooked, I gave vaping a try a couple of years ago and had to stop due to my skin breaking out in hives,at that time I did not realise it was probably the PG that I was allergic to, it is only now doing some research online that I have noticed that it is not common but has happened to other’s. I would really like to quit smoking but I don’t know what e liquid to buy, I assume that I would have to buy a higher VG but all the VG that I have seen appears to have a low nicotine level being 3 to 6 mg which would be to low for my needs, any advice would be appreciated as I really want to kick my horrible smoking habit.

  5. Under point 4 VG/PG, you should also mention that some % of the population has an allergic reaction to PG, so if beginners decide to hit a 50/50 or even a 60/40, (i have clients who show reactions on 70/30), they may go back to smoking too.

  6. This is such an informative video for a beginner! I’ve started vaping rather than smoking cigarettes just under 2 month ago and I can see exactly where I went wrong by watching this video. Thank you for sharing!😊

    Once thing I’d add from myself is that I have purchased the joyetech exceed d19 as my starter vape kit and unfortunately I had to buy an extra batter (twice) as well as an extra glass in just under two months of owning the device as I found it very hard to unscrew the accessories of the vape so I definitely wouldn’t recommend it! After my battery had stopped working for the second time I switched to Aspire PockeX just under a week ago and I’m over the moon with that device so far – So much easier to use (no liquid goes to waste if you burn out your could too!).

    Thanks again for the informative video!!

  7. I started vaping for the CBD. I've tried everything and vaping is by far the best delivery method. It's pulled me from pain pills (and that whole risk of addiction)

    My friend used the sweeter flavors to stop eating so much junk and it worked.

    And my college roommate uses the nicotine to focus. Don't know how that works but it works for him.

    Vaping does more than stop smoking. Just saying.

  8. Hi I've just purchased the apollo ohm go kit saying that it says it does both mtl and dl is this all about which coil I use nice video thanks

  9. Great guide / can you help me – looking for mod kit to quit smoking again – had a smok alien two half years ago then it broke / looking for good sized mod long battery life usb charging – do any of the bigger mods do mouth to lung and mesh etc – sorry if I’m asking noob questions just trying to plod my way thru all the info … cheers

  10. Excellent. Thanks for the vid , I want to pack up cigarettes ASAP , it’s a mine field out there, for vape kits / pens . I will check out the brands u mentioned . I live in the uk , will need 18’mg, as I smoke 20/25 a day at the moment omg . I like the look of slimmer vapes pens , with slim plastic long mouth piece, that’s more like a cig in my mouth, not a metal tip, and not a short tip , u recommend PG oil . Not VG ? I get confused when I see on amazon, use 40/60 ratio ? Does that mean they have to mix two types of Nic oil in some vape pens ? I don’t want big vape clouds . Price of a slim vape pen Is not a problem for me . I was thinking of starting some that have pre filled cartridges? Like Juul? Not sure if I have to buy coils with that brand? Or dispose ? Or maybe it’s best to start with a vape pen that I put liquid in ? So I can mix tobacco flavour with menthol flavour together ( both 18 mg ) PG ? I wish vape shops were open, so I could try / and look before I buy . But it’s June 17th 2020 and they r shut re Covid 19 . As not essential shops .

    Thanks again for vid . I have subscribed and liked 👍💕🙌🇬🇧😘

  11. hey mate nice content, was looking into getting a pod vape (uwell caliburn) for casual use and to try cbd out, but im conscious of the side effects of things like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoin etc. Was wondering if you had any suggestions of the 'healthier' brands of liquids for cbd and normal juice as i cant seem to find ingredients on alot of the products, would something like evolved cbd e liquid be ok? im in the uk aswell.

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