This BLOWS AWAY ALL Other Refillable Pod Kits! The Vladdin RE! BEST Vape For Beginners!



  1. After a while it gets hard to get any smoke and if you did only a little and it keeps leaking its one of the worst vape i have used

  2. Does anyone know of any pod system where you can actually feel the hit in your throat? All the ones I've tried are way too smooth, I wanna get that Marlboro red feeling when I hit it. Thanks

  3. The mouthpiece being tight is not a con ive bought some pods for the vladdin re before and some of them were loose and when i would pull it out of my pocket id notice that it would slip off because of the loose mouthpiece and then id have to put it back on so definitely a pro that most of the time its tight even thou it might take some effort to pull it off
    Other than that great pod system but not the best anymore with the current pod systems out there

  4. 2nd best vape YouTuber, I like DashVapes more because they go more towards "issues" in the vape community. But I lean towards RiP Trippers for reviews. Great video man, keep the work up

  5. I’ve been using the Vladdin RE for a year and a half or so. It’s a great pod system. I have to disagree with RIP on the ramp up time. When you fill the pod the first time, flavor production takes about half a pod to get full flavor. The upside of this, however, is the pods last significantly longer than any other pod system I’ve used. I get 2-3 weeks of HEAVY vaping out of a pod. A four pack of pods lasts my wife and I 2 months. Seriously, if you haven’t tried the Vladdin, try it!

  6. I love the design of this thing!

    But now i have tried over 10x pods! and they are so disappointing! 30-50% of the pods leaks massively. and the taste start going dead / less vape after 2-3 days, max 4 days. and im not vaping constantly.

    really like it! but u guys need to improve the RE PODS. the cotton thing is too small.

    hope u will improve this product! since its pretty good but the pods need to be improved!!!

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