Thelema by Lost Vape!

In this video we check out the Thelema pod mod by Lost Vape. This device takes the ultra boost coils and has a built in 3000 mah battery.




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  1. Thanks for the amazing review, and also thanks for pointing out the misleading word "oiling" which will be replaced by "Open" on the top of pod for our sale-batch.

    For THE FLAVOR MASTER-THELEMA 80W POD MOD has Maximum 80W Output⁠; Type-C Fast Charging;⁠

    Dual-Channel Flow & Adjustable Airflow⁠ and luxurious genuine leather⁠.

    In addition, it totally compatible with UB Series Coils and runs perfectly with Ultra Boost RBA coil⁠ that delivers superb flavor.
    Thank you so much!!

  2. No leakage info?
    I'm trying to say goodbye to smok, tried 3 models, leaking is Annooooying, any pod system mtl salt nic Mod that doesn't have leaking issues?

  3. Planning to get this for mtl, I read the 1.0ohm mtl coil delivers tight enough mtl draw, not sure about the flavour tho, review of that coil in the Ultra Boost Tank wasn't quite impressed with flavor out of it.

  4. Great kit but for mtl even if you use their 1.0ohm coil the airflow on this kit would be still too open delivering loose mtl at it's best. Maybe cover one of the airholes with finger would help haha.

  5. I wonder if they will come out w/ a 510 adapter so you can use other tanks on top. I mean everyone else has so..ijs

    I love the look of the glossy green or the ukyrian green/silver. I also think it looks like a single battery version of the drone v1

  6. The failure to dispel the "layperson" misconception that e-liquid is oil eventually led to loss of life when drug dealers decided it made sense to mix vitamin e acetate into THC carts. It's not just a language thing it's a grievous error. Oil is oil. An aqueous solution is water and NOT oil. Vaporized water is relatively safe in the lungs. Oil in the lungs will kill you.

  7. It's like a therion podmod. I lived the actual therion. Wish they'd bring it back and also sqounkers 🙁
    Thx Matt, cant wait to see what u got in store with ur working hands! I'm stoked to see what you come up with. I love my rebuildables- appreciate everything bro!!✌🙏

  8. Damn that thing is sexy, but that "oiling" even on just the review units is super cringe.. They know better than that! Great review, Matt. I think I like the Gemini Hybrid better but idk, my favorite AIO is the PM80SE and that thing looks like the Cadillac version to my Chevy PM80SE haha.

  9. Matt great review but honestly I'm personally over lost Pod vape . They overhyped their new mod release as amazing and brand new and then gave us a very lightly revamped Paranormal. If they want to impress me their going to have to step it up some.

  10. it looks just like the pm 80 and it also looks like in the future there will be an 18650 version the bottom already looks like it is already made for it just add an opening door

  11. I do like the looks of it that is for sure. I am not a built in battery fan, but 3000 mah is a good size. I am not a "Pod Mod" fan but the rebuildable head is good. It is a little pricy but it might be worth it. Good Review.

  12. Does anyone else’s ultraboost coils burn out really fast? I bought the Orion Ultra when it first came out and every coil from the pack burnt out in 3 days max.

  13. Pls do not request a version with replaceable battery. Its perfect the way it is. Its already 3000mAh. I dont want the hassle of changing batteries. Internal batteries are the best option.

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