The Ultimate Pod Mod – Lost Vape Quest Ursa 21700 Plus Accessories

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  1. I really LOVE this pod mod. I'm typically an RDA guy but wanted something smaller and more convinent for when outside. Very good flavour off the stock coils, and even better with the RBA deck. And I really adore the mod itself. Wonderful screen (best I've ever seen) and really nice looking.

    This one's a gem.

  2. Hi i'm from Montreal Canada, It is been couple month that I watch your review. It is always clear and simple. I just got the ursa and like you say it is a good vape. Merci beaucoup, Keep on the good work!

  3. Battery screw/plug busted and stripped after 1 month general use. 21700 battery falling on floor, not good. Shame had to return it, liked the other features.

  4. is the 510 adapter fit properly with the mod?🤔,I wanna have durable quality from Lost Vape since my therion was R.I.P 🥺🥺..

  5. While this may look nice and very versatile which is why i got 1, BUT build is rubbish my sealed box arrived on opening the bottom of the small pod/tank was completely covered in rust! After 2 days of use one of the retaining clips has started to "not retain" although still works now have crooked pod/tank sat on to of mod, not expecting it to last much longer

  6. Got mine last night and absolutely love it, the screen is probably one of the best I've seen on any device. It feels nice in the hands, the bigger pod is amazing, I'm an airflow hog so full bore is my favorite of any pod/tank. The sheer amount of different items for it makes it so freakin versatile it's a must have for anybody!

  7. Mike hey brother, I ordered my Ursa day before yesterday but I cant find that really cool sub ohm tank (the metal and glass one) that's like an accessory and the rba, can you message me where I can get one,I really want it, it looks to be a good tank, please if you can help a brother out, I would appreciate it immensely, thank you

  8. Well well well, im just stick with velocity. For my personal opinion, haha. Simple n not too much complicated😬😬😬

  9. Wow, thank you again Mike for this awesome review.
    This for me is actually a must buy.
    So many pros to this… much extra items and even at an extra cost for the other coils etc still a winner….it's like an all in one mod/pod/rba all of it. 21700 plus 18650

    Thanks Mike.🔥🔥

  10. Theres NO CONS! WOW It truly is awsome n for everybody..maybe a lil big but she got power n sturdyness who cares..carry your pod mod if u want pocket size

  11. Thing is awsome! Tho the pod tanks are subohm tanks in a sence. 510 and Rta is where its at – even as sweet as the rest is for me.Beautiful mod combo! Wow AIO in its truest sense

  12. Thanks for your well-evaluated review of the Ursa Quest Mutil Kit!!

    Also, thanks for the kindly advice and we had figured out the little bit of movement between the AFC based and the device body, we are nit-picking on this point as well. 😆😆

    For URSA QUEST MULTI KIT, here is more info below:

    🌟Best Flavor Sub-Ohm Pod Tank

    – New UB PRO Coil & UB Coil

    – Wide range Airflow

    🌟Power As Strong As Box Mod

    – 100W Output With 21700

    – Faster Type-C Charging

    – Five Vape Modes

    🌟Unlock All Possibilities

    – New generation of Quest Chip

    – Redefined 510 Adapter

    – LarDEr UB PRO RBA Coil

    – Two Pod Tank Options

    – genuine Leather and Wood Series

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