The BEST VAPE STARTER KITS | [Top 5 for 2019]

Check out the links below of our Best Vape Starter Kits, for Internal and External Batteries categories!

Geekvape Aegis Mini

Vaporesso Tarot Baby

Lost Vape Orion

Innokin Coolfire Mini

iJoy Diamond VPC

Innokin Proton

Smok Mag Grip Kit

Uwell Nunchaku

Vaporesso Armour Pro

Desire Design Mad Mod

We reviewed over a hundred starter kits this year and came up with our list of Top 5 Best Vape Starter Kits for 2019. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on our choices. Comment down below if you have suggestions for this list, too!



  1. I don't know what is going on in the UK right now but actual vape mods are cheaper than most liquid deals! Smok Stick V8 Baby kit £11.99, Smok Mag V8 £12.99, Aegis Boost Mod Pod £25.00, Smok G Priv £20.00, Voopoo Vinci R Mod Pod £20.00, OBS KFBS starter kit £7.99, Smok Rolo Badge Pod kit £2.99, Rinco Mechman 80w TC Mod £9.99, Smok Devlin 225w + TFV12 Tank kit £19.99, Voopoo Drag Baby Trio £9.99, Orchid Vape-Orchid Variable Pod kit £7.99, Uwell Amulet Pod Watch £7.99! I could go on, there is more like from Sigelei 200w kit £12.99. i've never seen prices this low EVER!

  2. 3:10 I don't believe it. I finally got some real information on a potential mod off a YouTube vid. Gloves and mods don't mix well. Great point about using the mag grip with gloves on. Brilliant.

  3. Omg the aegis mini (however it's spelt) is not the best!!! I have it and hate it! And it's not as durable as they say mine has a chip in the glass and the metal parts are chipping and I haven't done anything much it's dropped onto the floor a few times ….my hubby gas the bigger one and it's wayyyyy better! Also the tank leaks all the dam time! Not a happy customer

  4. I’m picking up the smol procolor kit, can pick it up for 25 pound, what’s the cheapest I can find for pretty much anything, the reviews on it seem pretty good tbf

  5. If this is indeed a video for beginners, then why all of the industry terms(and abbreviations)? You don't exactly make it simple to understand what exactly should be paid attention to. >.<

  6. Have you ever used the valyrian2 kit from uWell? Would love an insight, going to buy one soon based on blind assumptions of what I've read, specs etc, would be good not to be disappointed if it's not all that. Cheers

  7. Bought a Mag Grip with a Nu Baby Tank……..Mod display failed to work after 2 months. Back to the Aspire 200 watt and I am enjoying the Free Max Mesh Pro Tank no flavor loss after 2 weeks loving it.

  8. Love your personality and honesty..HELP….Live in a small town, so have to buy online. I'm 59 and need to quit reasons. I went from 15 a day down to 10 with will power..Now for 1 1/2 years I am trying to vape. I am down to 6 cigarettes a day. I can't find out how to vape more and find a device I like long term..I mostly use MTL..Tried one DL and I can't get the hang of it..guess I'm not good at inhaling like pot. I'm too old to figure all this crap ..Can you tell me what I can get that is reasonable price, that mimics cigarette draw, but allows me to get enough nicotine..I'm vaping 12 mg. I can't seem to get off these last 6 cigarettes.

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