STLTH Pod System Review (And More Pod System Talk)

I review my STLTH Pod System, I have had the device since late 2019 and fired it up for a video.

This is the second video in a three-part series about closed pod systems, I am reviewing the JUUL in my next video.

My Buddy Nick Kurney:



  1. Hello everyone! I'm commenting from my main channel because I lost the email for this account so I can't do reviews, if I'm being honest I wanted to do better for this channel but I didn't have the time and money to do what I wanted. I still don't but I've had ideas for how I want this channel to be.

    I hope I will be able to come back and make better content for you but this was a wing-it project I did because I had a creative struggle with my music and wanted to take time to do something different. And my only other hobby is tobacco harm reduction and advocacy as well as the technology and community behind it.

    I want to be able to make good and understandable content for new-comers and veterans as I feel I should because I have been behind this industry since before the one billion mark (early 2016) and If I can't find the email address I will consider doing more creative projects on my main channel (babydoh) related to vaping.

    My main issue currently and with my past content is my ability to speak clear and slow and have better word choice, but I struggle with that outside of a keyboard layout and I want my content to be a representation of me and I have yet to find a way to replicate what I have in my head but I don't want to stop trying.

    I don't know when I can start again but I hope you liked what I've done so far with this channel, and even if I don't get a ton of support I won't stop.

    thanks for viewing my content and I hope you guys can see me chuff soon enough.
    ~Joshua Luoma

  2. Hey man good stuff you should make a video on how to clean stlths I know a lot of people who have them and they get the holes air holes stuck with stuff might be a good video 👍

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