Smok Novo 2 Pod Vape Review 800 Mah Battery

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  1. Airflow come in thru the sides under the pod not the charging port smh and the reason the novo 2 hits harder is cause it dose its stronger than the novo and that makes it hit better dude doesn't know anything lmfao mtl is not for the mesh either if it says mtl you got screwed the mesh coils are the best

  2. i just bought a novo 2 and i have a verification card that indicates its not a counterfeit but everytime i charge it goes green and when i vape it its orange sometimes but even though it still charges but i do not know the state of the charge so i have to guess can any1 help

  3. Anybody know what material the 1.0 mesh pods are? My wife is allergic to nickel so I need to make sure they aren't nichrome. I'm having trouble finding any info on the mesh material

  4. I just got the novo 2, it's my first refillable vape. I quit smoking cigs a few weeks ago and had a Juul I bought quite a few months ago. I got tired of the leaky after market pods so I finally cracked and bought a refillable. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of dough on a first time purchase. It was 39.99 at a local vape shop. It was suggested on the first fill to let it sit and soak the coils for at least 5 minutes. The dude showed me these best way to fill it and so I let it soak while driving home. So shortly after getting home, I gave it a try. It's definitely better than a Juul and almost an endless selection of juices on the market. I tried a menthol Mellon, it's ok, strong ment and a nice Mellon tone. That juice was 20 bucks and looks like it will last for quite a while. Where the Juul after market pods where one would barely last 3/4s of the day, 4 pack is 10.99. This Novo 2 seems like it will last a whole lot longer than the two 4 packs would last. Just sharing my experiences so far. ๐Ÿคช

    Edit: Definitely seems like a better investment rather than buying 4 packs at 10.99 that "may" last 3 full days. Though the actual Juul pods did seem to last longer than the aftermarket ones. Still though with the Juul ones, 1 per day or needing replaced in the late late evening.

  5. Hey Mike, just switching from smokes to vaping and have the Renova Zero which Iโ€™m not to pleased with. Wanting to get the SMOK Novo 2 but was wondering if you can use both e-liquid and Nic salts or just one or the other? I want a Novo 2 but I obviously want to be able to use both.

  6. Hey i really want to know can I use regular non nicotine E juices? Ok I think it doesnt matter if its nicotine or non but what does matter is Nic salt and regular. Personally I smoked regular E juices but I moved to this novo 2 and people said that its recommended but Idk i want to use regular but what do you think?

  7. smok novo 2: loose draw,+ battery activates only with quite ntense draw, too hot vapor, wet lips n tong all the fckin time, spittin in your mouth from time to time. It does provide a solid throat kick. But the overall smokers sensation is low here.

  8. what is a good vape that you recommend that you donโ€™t have to buy new pods that you can just charge and refill the e-juice ?

  9. Switching over to pod from squonking. I got the Vladdin RE which is great if you prefer a real MTL tighter vape, I have the Caliburn which we all know it's great and today I just got the Novo 2 and I really really like it alot. 800 mAh short n sleek and slightly warmer vape than the Caliburn using automatic draw. Very close vape when manually drawing the Caliburn.

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