SMOK NORD 4 80W 2000mAh Pod Kit Review

This Nord 4 vape kit video was sponsored by Smoktech. The liquid used in the video does not contain nicotine. Links to vape products are not permitted so if you’re interested in this vaporizer please check out the Smoktech website.

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  1. By the way its not true that you can't clear the puff counter manually actually you can i just found out today by accident if you hold down the up and down buttons for the wattage and press the power button its gonna clear the puff counter

  2. haven't vaped for probably a year or more but started smoking cigarettes over Christmas. back on the vape to get off the cigarettes 😀 so haven't seen you videos either for as long. you're still lovely and fun and great information <3 I like this device a lot since you can use 2 flavors and switch between them very easily. thanks Zophie stay awesome 🙆

  3. Ah I’m pretty new to vaping I’m confused on how to make such big cloud like you I try many time it just end up either not dense or small amounts
    Ps i use this exact model

  4. I'm getting quite a bit of spitting through the mouthpiece. Has anyone else ran into this problem? It doesn't matter how low or high I go on the wattage within the range of the coil. Currently using the RPM 2 which is between 25-50 W (40 Best). After every hit I have juice in my mouth and lips.

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