RELX Infinity Pod System

In this video we check out the Infinity prefilled pod system by RELX. This is a superior prefilled device but unfortunately it can only be purchased outside of the US. There is also a rant in here so watch til the end.

Not For Use By Minors.




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  1. i detest these pod companies are slowly phasing out refillable pods. i get that theres more money for them with closed systems..but id rather buy a device with open refillable pods. no refill no buy. besides 99% of pods that are prefilled suck booty in taste and harshness.

  2. But with more eliquid, you said twice as much as juul, with 5%, wouldn’t each hit have less nic compared to JUUL? Or is that not how it works?

  3. Love the pod. But the pre filled pod can only last a day or 2 depends how frequent you smoked. Quite expensive i would say to change the filled pod often. But the device itself is brilliant! 😎

  4. I tried the juul, and a few other products and they all sucked and i went back to cigs. Tried the previous relx pod system and been using it for almost a year. Never even thought about cigs since. It seriously helped me out greatly. I just like the simplicity of the pod system.

  5. No colour on the bottom, I’m sure you get a cap that covers it you could just put that on the bottom! I just got the essential pod for £1 on offer on a website very very good I’ve tried every prefilled pod on the market this is amazing and wipes the floor with every other company! Definitely ordering the infinity today!

  6. Hey Matt just wondering if the new relx infinity pod flavours taste the same as the relx classic pod flavours?. Awesome review keep up the good work👌

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