Quartz Coil? The Karat Pod System By Smoant – Mike Vapes

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  1. Hi I don't smoke cigarettes I only use the Vapors for the flavor but I don't know anything about Vapors I'm really interested in this particular style but I don't know if it only for nicotine type of flavor or can I use it just regular flavor as well

  2. i got mine just recently and i noticed that my pod tastes burnt, not sure whats the deal with it, ive left it to sit for abt 30 mins and it still tastes burnt help is much appreciated since i am feeling alittle bit scammed

  3. Why my catridge airflow seems to have a problem when i try to smoked the pod? Its like something block the airfloww, can u please help me to solve this problem cause i already bought 2 new cartridges and it just being used like 4 days and the same thing keep carry on happening. I already cleaned up the airflow but it still block the airflow, is it because of the flavour? My flavour is Salt 50/50 caramel machiato. I really hope u can help mee. Thank you.

  4. 1/2 Amp charging is the smart way to go. Fast charging will just degrade the battery faster and if you were to use it with pass-though charging it would definitely overheat.

  5. I like this one! It looks cool, has good capacity, nice shaped mouthpiece, tight MTL airflow and the coils are different than pretty much everything else!
    Great review Mike

  6. I love the mtl draw on my smoant s8 so Im going to have to try this. There was some hype on quartz coils a couple years ago but never heard anything but hype. It was supposidly way better and last longer.

  7. Mr.Vapes,your fired, you may not review my smoant products any longer, I hear the obvious dislike in your attitude on the product from start to finish0

  8. yea, i know but smoant was going for the karat look with the pod styling, but named it karot for some reason. on purpose or spelling error? lol yes I'm bored.

  9. Nice look Mike. With only one freakin pod sent there's not a whole lot u can do about looking into the coil system further. One pod is just lazy. I just picked up my third Infinix. Comes with 2 pods! Love the Infinix! Love Mike Vapes for turning me on to the Infinix!๐Ÿ‘Š

  10. Was hoping you would put it beside the Lambo since they are similar in shape and i was hoping to see them side by side. I was gonna get the Lambo but is this better?

  11. Remember them old twisted messed videos where Kent was using quarts rods as wicking in a rda. I always thought that was cool but never got to try it myself.

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