Propaganda Salts Flavor Tasting

Forget about fake news and get with Propaganda Salts and their latest foray into nic salts. With everything from fruits to desserts and even a tobacco flavor, this line has something for just about every vaper out there. Blue Slushee is a refreshing blue raspberry slushie flavor that brings to mind hot days and sultry summer nights.

Illuminati is not to be taken lightly with its blend of tropical fruits and berries while Wild Fire is nothing short of an amazing tobacco almond cookie. Bringing up the rear is Cookie Butter, an oatmeal cookie and milk blend that is as satisfying as it sounds. And with nic strengths of 35mg and 50mg, these smooth nic salts are everything your customer has been waiting for!

Product: Propaganda Salts
Bottle Size: Chubby Gorilla 30mL
Nic Strength: 35mg, 50mg