Lost Vape Ursa, A Pod Mod Worth Having

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  1. The reason I don't get something like this is after this month how am I going to get coils when I run out. With rebuildables I can spin my own coils and 10ft of fused Clapton wire will last a long time.

  2. I like your comment of how the pod being recessed into the vape doesn't make the tank look too long.

    The average mod size and the average ohm tank don't work together aesthetically. I've always found the whole set up to look stupid. Like a person of average height and weight with a head the size of a pumpkin

    When I saw the look of the drag max I bought immediately. I'm loving the pod mod trend. Never really been into vaping for huge clouds.

  3. I had mine a week and the battery door keeps popping off. Just cause you pay more doesn’t mean it’s better quality. Will never buy a lost vape again

  4. 😎 Good review on a great device. #Lostvape I hope you make it in Copper yes copper. That would Shelf the only voopoo X I have left. Love the fact you can fill it without taking out the pod. Thanks for another good review Jai

  5. Yo Jai, honest opinion/answer….What is your day to day vape? What do you recommend. I recently lost my caliburn g… been looking at the voopoo drag s it looks mad slick and portable/sexy. idk then i saw some of your videos on that and other vapes now im lost all over again. What is a good vape no leak at all and will serve me right.

  6. Lost Vape Quest is not a separate company. It's just a product line for their proprietary chip. So, there's "Lost Vape Quest" that uses their in-house Quest chips and are cheaper / budget oriented, and there's "Lost Vape DNA" that uses Evolv's DNA chips and more expensive / high end. The PNP style UB coils have been used before in the BTB, Thelema, Gemini, Q-Ultra, etc. Although, the new UB Pro coils are new and made for the Ursa, kinda like Voopoo's new TPP coils for the Drag X Plus and Drag 3.

  7. I just got the ursa and it is amazing but I have one issue with the 510 adapter it doesn’t buckle maybe for a while but it pop up any advice?

  8. Hopefully they keep the same coils & not change it up with the next device. U mean u switched to the vaporesso swag PX80 jammy from the VooPoo drag X/s Jai? Or vaporesso PM80?

  9. Hey Jai, the chip in this thing is actually pretty nice. It’s got Temp mode, Power Curve mode, all that jazz. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between this chip and the DNA to be honest (in my personal opinion). Also Lost vape actually came out with the plug and play style coils quite a while back with the Q Ultra pod mod. The Q Ultra is my favorite mod I’ve ever had. The coils on it seem to last a whole lot longer than the Voopoo PnP coils…I only get about 2-3 days out of the voopoo coils while the lost vape coils last me about a week. Maybe the difference is in the cotton? Because they look identical. IDK, just my humble opinion.

  10. I've just got this device and it's completely flawless, yes I agree DNA would be nice but…the chips very very very good, the build quality its great, and the vape is banging! I got loads of pro coils thinking that would be the way I'd like it but tried the smaller coils to see how that it… And it's brilliant..like the voopoo coils slightly deeper flavour and more airflow the smaller coils are definitely not MTL and for that price to come with those options wow

  11. Also the threading on the battery cap is awful and the spring loaded battery connection pushes the cap off before you can screw it down. Tried different 21700 and 20700 same thing, almost impossible to get a battery in. So all in all, it's a piece of trash

  12. Jai, Lost Vape finally did it. They made a DNA250C Therion except, its called the "Thelema". Wanna know what else? There's no mixy matchy fuck fest of materials. Its the metal and the ONE material on the door panel. Not to mention, they changed the battery tray so it won't chew up battery wraps. You might actually like this one if you can get it. Oddly enough, they sent a "special" edition to Mike Vapes that had multiple door panels but, they didn't send one to you. You would think that @Lost Vape would want to send you this product for review. You've asked for a remake of the Therion FOREVER! It's like they took your complaints/suggestions, implemented them (for once), and chose to be chicken shits on the one product they probably nailed! LOL, Jai got these companies scared.

  13. Personally wondering if I should pick this up or get just a regular mod bieng as I use just a regular tank I want something that will power that adequately and just all around be a nice flavorful vape so to anyone that uses this do you think it would run a king falcon tank and still be flavorful and worth the money spent

  14. This looks pretty nice. I’m a big fan of the Voopoo system and I’m waiting for their new drag and drag X as well as the new tpp tank. In the meantime, I just ordered this 🤣😂 Really a well made and versatile tank. Might be slowly making the switch to lost vape… See how this goes! As always, thanks for your reviews! One of the very few reviewers I actually watch anymore 👍🏼

  15. Hey Jai I was excited to see your review on the Ursa and hear your thoughts on it, I knew you were going to remark on the fact they used their brand new Quest chip instead of a DNA, and those were my thoughts at first to, but I gave it a chance and kept an open mind and I'll tell ya this new Quest chip is not a slouch at all DJLsb did all his tests on it and it did very very well, I tested the temp control by going back n forth from the Ursa to my Paranormal in temp control and it's dead on, I myself have fell in love with my Ursa and found that it's my go to device now, I grab it before anything else, I still use my normal daily arsenal but the Ursa has become the number one mod in my daily rotation, and I see that you liked it to and gave it a good review but keep using it and you'll see it just does ever6its suppose to do and does it all very very well, in your video thow you didn't go through all the firing selections, power, bypass, voltage temp control with two stainless steel options, this mod foes it all and there is a sub ohm tank and an rba coming out for it to and cant wait till they are released, check into it, alright I'm out of here just wanted to let you know great review

  16. This device will also have a metal sub ohm tank which takes the bigger coil can be used with the 510 plate or the pod set up. I believe its still in production but seen differnt reviews of it and it looks nice

  17. Hey Jai, there’s a mod I just saw on Element Vape. It’s called the Hotcig RST Restart. Looks cool but don’t know much about it. Would be cool if you found time to do a review on it.

  18. Funnily enough mine arrived in the post today after watching this, while I really love this kit and look forward to trying the RBA, I have to say one of my release buttons is definitely dodgy. Keeps getting stuck and on an angle when I press it and doesn't move the metal clip in all the way. Causing shorts on the pod as it won't always sit right. Bloody QC🙄

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