Lost Vape Q Ultra Pod System

The latest greatest rendition in Lost Vapes venerable Orion line, the Q Ultra!


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  1. Is anyone having a burnt coil problem the first hit after a while is always super burnt and I take the fill cap put it back on then it’s back to normal but the burnt hit is awful

  2. I don't know if you're just more optimistic than i am. But, im sorely disappointed with this Quest Ultra. I started with the DNA Go which was a phenomenal device with the first two pods that arrived with the kit. 4 packs in with pods burning out in 1-2 days. I had enough. Finally, they released a pod for the Orion Plus with a removable coil, great. Bought just the pod and coils and adjusted the resistance settings in the program and used my original orion. Slight improvement, but overall vape quality was pretty subpar even compared to popular companies like Smok or Vaporesso and the coil life wasnt anything spectacular either. My Fetch, RPM, Caliburn all had better coil life and flavour than the orion plus. Just couldn't vape it, put it aside again. I decided to give it one more chance and i picked up this Quest Ultra. Right off the bat after taking it out of the box, disappointment. Didn't know it had an all plastic construction, the addition of usb c was nice. But really Lost Vape? How do you go from such a beautifully built device to such garbage. I've been vaping this Quest for all of 5 minutes now, flavour seems ok. But as always, its just small improvements. Their MTL coil isnt even a true MTL. Still direct to lung imho. But the quality of this device, coming from the older orions im having a hard time holding it just because of how cheap it feels when Smok and Vaporesso have better and higher quality builds for less. Lost vape just needs to stop making pod systems if they're going to keep trying to milk the orion/quest, because yet again they are WAY behind the competition. They could have killed the market, like you said they were the FIRST ones and unique with their design and they completely botched it. all because of the REALLY poor coil life and quality. now the device is lacking quality too. 100% do not recommend this device. Sorry.

  3. what pods are you guys running and what wattage? I’m waiting for .3s to come in but, currently have a .6 in running at 22 w’s. NOT impressed with flavor. My q pro had much better flavor imo

  4. I can confirm that it’s not an issue with your pod on the airflow. Completely closed off and completely open is essentially the exact same. I would be a little disappointed if the flavor wasn’t so dang great.

  5. POS. It leaks from the bottom or the tank. The part of the head with the air slots is outside the tank. It leaks alot. Reviewers don't say that.

  6. Ive had my vaporesso renova for a year i love it super durable no leaking its the system got me off cigs just wish they would do a second version with replaceable coil it would be awesome.

  7. Garbage pods great device. I've tried multiple coils multiple pods all leaked. Had the air problem with a couple and not with others. I expected better from lost vape, hopefully they fix the pods/coils to seal better. Get on Reddit everyone's having bad leak problems.

  8. Type-C and an RBA is what I've really been wanting from the orion since it came out, so Im really looking forward to this.
    Sadly it seems to be taking its sweet time to arrive in the UK, but as soon as it does I'll be picking this up.
    As for the difficulties with the small rba, its certainly not perfect, but my main setup at the moment is the pasito and despite having an infamously difficult rba head I've had no issues with it after a bit of trial and error. Occasionally I'll do a bad build or bad wicking job, but that comes with the territory of rebuildables.

  9. The air flow issue that you are having is occurring on mine as well. There is an air leak on the sides of the pod. Try covering it up with your fingers while you hit it and you'll see the difference. I emailed Lost Vape. Lets hope its just some bad pods….

  10. Nice looking device, I like the top fill and battery capacity.
    I don't own any Lost Vape products, but this one may be the first.
    Thanks for sharing the review, Steve. Cheers!

  11. From what i noticed with mine, there’s a huge air leak from the sides where pod meets the device, air flow control was useless.
    I put felt tape on the sides of the pod and air flow control works as it should.

  12. I have the snow wolf wocket this is a copy of it. And I have had the wocket for 6 months now. They are a little late to the game with this one. Only thing it has that the wocket doesn’t is the rba section.

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