How to Avoid Burnt Vape Coils – Top 5 Tips – Jay Explains

Episode 4 of Jay Explains – How to avoid burning your vape coils – where you’re using pods or tanks, Jay gives 5 tips on how to avoid that dry hit or burning your coil

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*Must be of legal smoking age
*WARNING: This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



  1. I've moved away from uwell to falcon 2 coils 2 Sector bought 3 in begging of December and just changed 2 my second coil a week ago

  2. thank you for the suggestions, i just started using tanks instead of disposables so im kind of new to this side but hopefully those tips should help out

  3. First time i bought a vape I watched a lot of videos on how to take care of them, not to burn the coil, and not to use it while charging. Also i like to keep my vape in my pocket, but I’m scared of it exploding so I always turn it off, take of juice tank. Or how the heck do you call it. And i have a decent vape. My coils last about 6-8 days. I don’t vape a lot. Priming is the same as the video. I recommend watching a lot of how to use, and taking care videos. Aight bye ✋

  4. I wait 15 mins to it was recommended today to do it. I just got my first kit. I'm enjoying it. A Smok nord 4. I got salt nkd 100 melon kiwi and its good not to strong good flavor. Definitely better then the disposables I been using.

  5. Tip No.7, do 1 or couple times of quick-hard exhale blow inside the tank via the mouth piece while having the airflow control wide open without firing. This is to blow off the sucrose residues that are stuck on the surface of the mesh downwards and allows you to last another 10-50 puffs until it's completely worn out and burnt.
    👆This method has been used by yours truly over the past few years since the birth of OCC coils, especially with sucrose contained juices. So far, it worked everytime, even with my currently use Voopoo PnP coils.

  6. To add more life to a coil… What I do is once you've taken your required amount of pull, let go the switch and pull a little bit more, this way you will get cold fresh air coming through and will cool the coil down immediately and not leave the coil still hot..

  7. Caliburn g owner here. Happy owner for a week untill i bought three 1.0 coils and one 0.8 coil. Every single one tasted burned. Wtf?? And I was hoping I bought hassle free pod device…. I was so wrong… And yes, I primed the coil. 50:50 Nic salts

  8. Dont drop Liquid inside of coil. You make it right away floating. Harsh feel with first shoot. I use smok coils 0.4ohm cotton is wet few sec after fill. You dont need to prime coil If you close air flow and pull air without fire button. Makes no sense. You will make it again floating. 🤦🏼 Just fill container with juice and wait one minute. And no it is not failure of coil there is nothing to fail. You drop juice directly on mesh and it starts burning sugar. Have you ever try to burn sugar on frying pan? Try it. Same harsh taste.

  9. I had a question, I own a Caliburn G and I was wondering is it harmful for the vape take a draw for a long time? (Not the coil) the vape (the caliburnG) it self. Maybe like 6-8 seconds because that’s usually how I like to vape it. I take loooong draws. Thanks

  10. If I am using a UWELL coil there is a certain way that I prime it. And this works for most any coil on the market too. So what I do is with the coil pretty much on its side between my thumb and index finger is I put liquid just in on the cotton. When I’ve got enough in it what I do is turn it round and round like a cement mixing truck. Always keeping an eye on the cotton pads on the outside. Once you can see they are no longer fully bright white you can then install your coil. And actually it is ready to Vape straight away. I also break the coil in at low wattage working my way up to the recommended wattage.

  11. I had this problem and the two things that solved it was pulling with air intake closed a few times and lowering the voltage, not the watts. It’s a slower hit but I can take long ones without ever tasting burnt 👌🏼

  12. When recommended says 40-60w, I always go 30w. Recommends 60-80w, I go 40-50w. Tweak for flavor. On ALL DEVICES I've ever owned, ALWAYS PROLONGES LIFESPAN OF THE COIL AND SAVES JUICE. NEVER HAD FLOODING and always, prime, let sit for 5 min Minimum, prolonges the lifespan. And always work your way up, 5 to 10 to 20w.

  13. When im prime my dual mech i need too go around the coil 2-3 times beucse my coil is so thick with cotton, then i just take a hit just with the coil to make sure get some taste before put it in the tank. fill it with some juice and tilt the tank making sure it´s no leeks.

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