Gas Station E Cigs Review

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Big J reviews the V2, blu and Logic e-cigs you can buy at most gas stations. Which ones are worth it in a pinch when you’re just starting our or if your MOD dies? That’s the question Big J has the answer to.



  1. The problem with the video is he wasn’t trying to help the beginner smoker at all. He was just trashing cig a likes. Cig a likes has there pros and cons in the vaping game always will. That stick mod he showed is a lot bigger than a cig a like, has a glass tank that can easily be broken and a new coil and bottle of emu ice is gonna cost you a lot more than buying a pack of cartos for your cig a like to change flavor. Dude in the video is your typical “clouds bro clouds.”

  2. So your not trying to help new vapers your trying to sell your product. I'm trying to stop smoking not rip huge clouds like I'm in highschool.

  3. Njoy daily’s are amazing. Don’t get them online though cause they only sell like three flavors get them at gas stations cause they sell blueberry and tropical twist

  4. 7:00 "yeah that's what I wanna do, try and quit smoking And have to be frustrated getting into the damn box"… Im sure it's a lot more frustrating trying to figure out coils, and tanks, and ohms, and learning how to put juice in a tank, and guess what!… A shit ton of more expensive vape shit comes in boxes…. That you have to open… This guy right here makes me wanna keep smoking cigarettes, I'm afraid all the vapor would get to my brain and give me a similar disposition and general lack of 😎 cool 😎… I bet he blows just as many dicks as he does clouds

  5. Bougie Vapers… Jesus… "maaan it's all about the clouds, bro! Do you even vape?" Jesus, if you're trying to quit smoking who the hell cares… Literally the clouds are just to show off and you think you look cool doing it. Similar to smoking in middle school, we only did it bc we thought we were cool… No grown ass person gives a damn how big of a cloud you can blow.

  6. The main thing people vaping or trying to quit cig's, is the throat hit, and nicotine content. They want to feel the effects of having nicotine enter your system.

    People don't actually care about their "vape cloud" , unless you are a 17 year old kid that uses "TickTok" on a daily basis.

    I used to smoke, I switched to vaping cause I have asthma. I don't care how big the vape cloud is, I care about the nicotine.

    That is the end result, no matter what you try and peddle.

    It's an addiction.


  7. Bruh you slow, just get a njoy. It’s small, slick, rechargeable, and the flavor is amazing. Just try the njoy Ace bro it’s amazing. Just try it

  8. I am a beginner and this video did help. It's got good information that I wouldn't have known otherwise. I did learn a bit. This is based off his opinion and that's what he's entitled to. Yes he might be bias and that shows, but he did a legit comparison. Thanks dude.

  9. 24 is nothing if you really vape you should be able to hit 50 like nothing, after that 24 feels like 0 nic. I dont vape on 50 often but I only cough on the first and second hit then im fine

  10. all these negative comments he's just trying to help you quit cigarettes by vape 🤗 thanks for this video I've seen these before thank god I got smok devices instead from a vape shop it works if you want it to

  11. Is the only thing you talk about vapor production? They're gas station e cigs they're just meant to replace cigs to help people quit ajd you barely mentioned good comparisons for that. And when you did you just said "eh". Your attitude sucked throughout the whole video. And the reason that box you bitched about was probably hard to get into so children can't get into it

  12. what does he mean a 24 mg is going to hurt? i smoke 50mg and the feeling is amazing. i also do 36 mg and it feels like nothing really

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