Finally Rated A Pod System, Freemax Mesh Autopod | Fireluke Style Coil

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★ Rating: Medium

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03:43 Unboxing
04:19 Setting Them Up
06:20 Trying them
11:46 Final Thoughts



  1. Jai sitting there for 16 minutes trying his best not to stare at bries tits lol, "jizz in the eye look" 🤣🤣 just as I took a hit on my vape. Instant coughing fit while laughing – I nearly choked!

  2. Jay you sold me on this because most devices you like I like as well. I appreciate your review but Bree, OMG she is so cute in this review with you. Love both of yall, thanks much.

  3. already have it… Freemax is the king of flavor, period. I'm a subohm vaper, have the mesh pro, mesh pro 2, autopod, falcon king, nunchaku 2, fireluke 2 and zeus subohm, along with a ton of rda… and Freemax is on top on flavor… beating a lot of rdas… and i've been using the same coil for 1 month already…. no flavor drop…

  4. I've been eyeing this lil' guy…I may just have to pick it up 🤔 Great Review! 👌 I love to hear Brie's opinion too because I started with all Pods & am now changing it up. 💜All my Luv, Blessings & Support💜

  5. I just found out recently that I'm allergic to nickle, so I need stainless steel, & I'd like a lot more flavor than what I'm getting now. I don't want an expensive as hell, big, awkward, heavy square unit, that's known to slide open & leak from the top, & will burn through my e-liquid way too fast, or a do it yourself type mesh cotton that you have to use a screwdriver, etc. or a cheap pos stick that doesn't stay charged w/ a shit, & is known to spit back. I do like most of the reviews, size, & convenience, etc. of the Uwell Caliburn, but don't know if the coils are stainless steel w/ good mesh/cotton combo, & read that the tank replacements can be expensive, & hard to find (sold out). Have you used it? & if so, what do you think about it? I use 30vg 70pg Kahula e-juice that I'd prefer to be able to keep using, & I MTL. So, after a TON of research, the one I'm leaning towards is the Freemax Auto- pod, Good choice? or can you suggest a better one that covers my specifications/preferences? Thank you sooo much for your help, boy do I need it!

  6. oh man… these coils are amazing… and i'm now a sub ohm vaper… i own a few sub ohm tanks (mesh pro, nunchaku2, falcon king, fireluke2, zeus mesh) and THIS one… amazing flavor…

  7. don't use usbcs to charge your phone because they don't put out enough power? lmao… dude, the entire point of usbcs is that they can transfer more power. all quick charges use them. idk where the fuck you got that.

  8. I got one of these to use at work and I actually like it. I needed something small and discreet to use at work and there are tons of little pod systems out there. You can always count on Jai to keep it real and tell you what’s good and what’s a turd. Thanks for what you do Jai.

  9. Thank you so much for the review of the Freemax Autopod50, keep up the great work. Inspired from the besting selling double mesh coil of M Pro and X2 Mesh Coil of Fireluke series, Autopod50 is the World's First Double Mesh Coil Pod Mod Kit with everything you need for vaping between 15 watts to 50 watts. 
    Equipped with military grade SS904L mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula, two AX2 Mesh Coils provided for Autopod50 with distinct wattage range as belows, Airflow Control is available for both coils for better vaping experience.
    Autopod50 AX2 Mesh Coil 0.25ohm (30-50W, Best 40W)
    Autopod50 AX2 Mesh Coil 0.5ohm (15-35W, Best 30W)

    Each AX2 Mesh Coil has an average lifespan of 30-40 refills, which may vary from different flavors, sweeteners, VG/PG ratios and nicotine contents of the eliquids.
    Moreover, powered by real 2000mAh inner battery and 2A fast charging function, it only takes 30 minutes to charge from 1% to 50% and 80 minutes to charge from 1% to 100%, which means your device will always have the power you need for a full day's use.

  10. I only use the fireluke 2 with thier tx2 .2ohm coil or their tnx2 .5ohm coil they give me the best flavor ever! Their x2 coils are ok also but their coils that come in the blue box are the best & i easily get 3 to 4 weeks off of 1 coil

  11. I think my favorite only one I've had so far was a KangerTech nebox it was 60 watts 18 650 and it took the just a Kanger coils temp control all that but it was a great all-in-one banger

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