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  1. Lol he said a 3 pack 15$ lol I wish the kind of 3 pack I like was that cheap insted it's like ,135$ lol get it I wonder how many people will no what I'm talking

  2. i'm new to vaping and recently bought a smok pod system i'm using vgod saltnic so i'm quite concerned if i could use the same saltnic juice in a box mod

  3. I have 3 nice box mods four expensive tanks I quit smoking cigarettes and went straight to mods well I ended up smoking cigarettes again bought a juul fell in love with it moved up bought a Mi POD/ novo pod system those two are amazing 😉 it to me just works better from being a cigarette smoker I miss clouds sometimes but pods are the new vaping style and it works ! If I would have known this I could have saved hella money because I wouldn’t have done mods just pods

  4. The magic ingredient in nic salts would be benzoic acid, comes from the tobacco leafs much like nicotine. It is the reason you can vape very high mg nicotine and still tolerate it on the throat, it is also what helps your brain absorb it much faster. Said ingredient is not in freebase e liquid. No need for it freebase and it would just drive up the cost of the liquid. The Juul is ok I use it once in awhile, mostly out and about, at home I prefer sub ohm, seems more relaxing and mellow as I can take many hits and just chill. Nic salts are ok sometimes but seems too aggressive, and I’m a former 25 year Marb red smoker.

  5. Whether it contains nick salts or freebase nicotine it is still called e-liquid or a e-juice and you can get low mg eliquid that contains nick salt and high mg/high pg eliquid that contains free-base nicotine like what I used when I first started (all nic was freebase bk then lol)

  6. I may try a juul type as I am in it to try and stop smoking cigs.. I smoke a pack of day so i would like to transition. Dont know why blowing clouds is seen as cool..

    Were a cig smoker and switched or did you just start by vaping?

  7. Just got the smok nord pod mod today works pretty well so far I got 50 mg berry flavored and It's not very harsh at all but was just wondering if anyone could tell me on average how often should you change the coils in them and how often do you need to change the pod itself

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