Best Tobacco / Herb vaporizer on Amazon Prime?


I’ve found an upgraded version on Amazon here:

I also found this on Amazon for you and the best one I can find that’s compatible to the one in the video (which has 157 reviews at an average of 4.5 stars) is:

After some comments I’ve changed the backing music to something a little less intense 😂 It’s one of YouTube’s free to use tracks and I listened to alot of them and this seemed the best.

Wow! This is a seriously good bit of kit. I’ve been vaping for 7 years now and although I’m not looking to get back into smoking tobacco, this is a fantastic little gadget for those wanting a healthier alternative to smoking. The main thing that causes cigarettes to be so harmful is the carcinogens and tar that’s caused by burning the tobacco and paper. This device works in a different way in that it heats the tobacco or herbs to release the nicotine without burning the leaves thus no carcinogens. I got this for a friend of mine as like me, he likes a gadget and wanted an alternative to the evil weed. The build quality is so impressive. The body has a nice rubberised feel and is quite weighty in the hand which denotes quality. The device is powered by a single 18650 Rechargeable battery. I’m the box you get the device, some cleaning tools, a silicone mouth piece cover, spare glass mouth piece, USB charger lead and 3 replacement mesh filters. All you have to do is unscrew the top, put in your desired smoking leaf of choice and replace the top. Then press the power button and choose your desired heat out of 6 settings. When you turn the device ON, OFF and when the device reaches the desired heat it will vibrate…. How cool is that! All in all it’s a fantastic bit of kit. My friend has used it for over a week and is in love with it and wishes he’d got one sooner but just didn’t think they would be very good but they really are.

Music Courtesy of NCS music