Aegis Pod by Geek Vape!

In this video we check out the Aegis Pod by Geek Vape. This AIO device is IP67 rated waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. It has an 800 mah battery and 3.5ml liquid capacity.




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  1. Just bought one of these on sale at Vapoureyes, and I love it so far. The flavour is phenomenal with the coils provided. Better than the Caliburn in terms of flavour, but a much higher wattage DTL vape. It vapes more like my Drag X using the VM1 coils to be honest. Surprisingly powerful for such a small device. I think they'll likely release lower wattage MTL coils soon, because it feels more like a sub ohm tank at 30-40 watts, than a lower wattage MTL device like the Caliburn.

  2. I bought the aegis boost Pod system mod and I had to replace the plastic tank bcuz it cracked not once but TWICE! I'm pretty sure this mod uses the same plastic as the boost, I'm wondering if it's going to have the same issue? I didn't drop it on hard concrete I hve a carpeted apartment if I did drop it it roughly fell about 5 feet. It's a shame cuz I've never had a problem with Aegis mods. Never until this incident.

  3. I don't know what the hell is going on. I didn't use it for like a month and when I put it on the charger it says it's charging (green light is on) then I press the fire button and it's blinking red

  4. I bought one of these this evening. I asked for a vaping device for CBD and this what I was shown. I love the feel of it, only, when I draw in the vapor catches in my throat. It almost feels like it burns a little hot. I did just what I saw in this video. Am I drawing in too much? Are these not made for CBD? I'm new to vaping, so is there a device I should have gotten instead of this one?

  5. My favorite vape I own it fell out of my truck last night got ranover twice at least before I found it today and it was pouring down rain all last night and today I went back to where I thought I lost it today found it and it worked fine didn't even have to change the coil

  6. Battery lasts half hour the coil goes at 1 hour not to mention your e liquid bottle will either be wasted by refilling this peice of Shit or by the fixed wattage it really sucks I thought this was a really decent pod system!!!!!!!!

  7. Worth mentioning that this thing goes from dead to full charge in about 10-15 min. It is a coil eater though but at 12 bucks a pack for 5 it’s not bad.

  8. i just bought mine but after couple of hours using it i encoutered a problem with the pod everytime i puff it theres a lot of juice coming out & i can tasted it… ive checked everything no overflows, ive tried shaking it upside down no leak but when i push the ignition & turn it upside down liqiids are coming out

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