A WATCH that’s also a VAPE / Uwell Amulet Pod System

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  1. Three purchases and two years later I'm doing just fine with a Novo 2. I will give the Uwell Amulet a very honorable mention, but that plastic tab breaks every… single…time. I've bought 3. It's the most convenient vape out there, but I simply can't go through another broken plastic and glue repair session. Uwell, if you're listening… make the housing metal, take away the easily-scratched screen — use glass, add some true smartwatch features, slim it down some, and I'd pay whatever price you can slap on it. The Uwell Amulet really had the potential to be the perfect vape.

  2. I Bet My Quantum Calculations… That You Could Travel Through TIME With This Device… If By Some Odd Chance A Meteor Hit A 5G SAT. and Increased It to 500G… You could Use Military Time to Travel Through Time…With A.. "Vape Pod Time Machine"…Lol. (Love Ya Z.).

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